Travel Medicine Located in Westport, CT

Your travel medicine needs are just as important as booking the trip itself. We know it can be overwhelming to do all the research yourself, so we’re here to help you figure out what you really need for that destination wedding, family vacation, honeymoon, and other international trips that may require an extra layer of health precaution. We treat your non-life threatening illnesses you sustain pre and post travel – foreign and domestic.

The best time to start planning a health and safety plan for your trip is 3 or more months before you get on your flight. Certain vaccinations may require multiple doses, or a window of time before it becomes effective in your body. We can provide most immunizations. A visit with one of our providers is required to decide which ones are best for you based on your destination. We do not keep travel medicine vaccine on hand due to their specific nature, but we can order them for most any need. We do provide common vaccines such as T-DAP, Influenza, and Tetanus.

Before you go, you can consult with our providers on any precautionary measures, such as COVID-19 testing, a travel health kit, anti-coagulants or anti-inflammatories if your legs swell on flights, back up prescriptions, and appropriate clothing to avoid sunburn, windburn, or other unexpected conditions. If you need a COVID test to travel, be aware that COVID-19 PCR tests can take up to 72hrs for return. Rapid COVID-19 testing is available. Some travel requires PCR COVID-19 testing, so please ensure you know the needs of your destination.

If you sustain illness or injury abroad, our urgent care is here for you when you return. We offer treatment for travel-related diseases, COVID-19, wound care, and much more. We can help you feel at home again after your journey. Alternatively, if you are visiting the area from out of town, you can come to us knowing you’ll be receiving exceptional medical care while away from home.

* Please note that your insurance carrier may or may not pay for an exam, vaccinations, or post-return care. If you are unsure about coverage, please contact your health insurance carrier to find out more.
* Please note that specific vaccinations for international travel are not kept on hand and require a special order. Please let us know what your needs are so we can get you the vaccination(s) required in time for your international travel.