IV Hydration Therapy Located Near Westport, CT

IV Hydration

At Westport Urgent Care, we provide IV Hydration Therapy! It is very important to stay hydrated during certain activities, illnesses, and weather conditions. Some people are at a higher risk for developing dehydration such as, children and those with ongoing health issues. If you or a loved one are suffering from the symptoms of dehydration, do not wait! Visit Westport Urgent Care today for quick treatment.

IV Fluid Hydration Treatment For:
Illness (virus, flu, gastrointestinal illness)
Sweating without enough water consumption
Alcohol consumption (hangover)
Food poisoning
And many more!

What are the signs and symptoms of dehydration?
Dry mouth, lips and eyes
Muscle weakness
Dizziness or lightheadedness
Passing small amounts of urine
Extreme thirst
Dark urine

* Please note that if you are experiencing severe dehydration, do not wait. Visit your local Emergency Department right away.

Westport Urgent Care has been certified and received the distinguished accreditation from the Urgent Care Association (UCA)