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Drug and Alcohol Testing Near Westport, CT

Westport Urgent Care provides drug and alcohol testing when you need it. No appointments are ever needed. We partner with businesses and corporations to ensure the safety of employees. You want your employees to stay safe and prevent the hiring of potential persons who abuse drugs or alcohol. Testing and screenings have become the standard in most places. Choose Westport Urgent Care for all your drug and alcohol testing needs.

What Situations Should Employees be Asked to Take a Drug or Alcohol Test?
Reasonable Suspicion and for Cause
Post-Treatment Tests
Additional situations may occur

What We Provide:
Timely Results
Reduced Wait Times
Professional, Skilled Staff
Best Care for Your Employees
Coordination of Results and Documentation
Timely Return to Work
No Appointment Needed
Eliminating of Time-Consuming Referral Procedures

Drug & Alcohol Testing Services:
Urinalysis Screening
Hair Follicle Drug Testing
BATS (Breathe Alcohol Testing)
Blood Testing: 3, 5 & 7 panel testing is available
Court Ordered Testing
Employer Drug & Alcohol Testing
Random Drug & Alcohol Testing

* Please note some specimens may be sent out to a lab for processing.

* Please note if you require a specific type of drug testing services, please contact our center for specific information.

* Please note not all testing services may be available. Contact the urgent care center for more specifics.

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